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Dilema D07: Measuring the sound emissions of vehicles in real traffic conditions

Actualizado: 4 may

Subtítol: Mesura de les emissions sonores de vehicles en condicions reals de circulació Gestionat per: Ajuntament de Barcelona i Ajuntament de Granollers Coordinació: Marta Chillida Munguet mchillida@granollers.cat

Abstract: Five European experiences (in UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, France and Spain) to measure noise generated by moving vehicles with license plate identification and the eventual goal of automatically fine them when a certain noise threshold has been exceeded.

A qui va dirigit?: Consultories, tècnics municipals, policia local, ciutadania

Descripció: How reliable is the identification of the noisy vehicle? Does it properly work on roads/streets of more than one lane? Which are the legal noise thresholds/limits in different countries? Does the legal coverage come from national or local regulations?

The session will address this and other aspects of noise radars in Europe with the participation of: Mr. Reuben Peckham from Intelligent instruments (24Acoustics) (UK).

Mr. Hervé Lissek from LTS2 (Laboratoire de Traitement des Signaux) de l’Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Glenn Meleder co-founder and CEO of Secureaxis.

Mr. Anton Gomà, Co-Owner, Ctrl4 Enviro, and Mr. Pere Artís from Keacoustics who will present a radar with two separate noise and càmera systems in Granollers (Spain).

Mr. Javier Buhigas, Head of Operations and Consultancy of Opus Remote Sensing Europe and Technical Leader of the European project NEMO (Noise and Emissions Monitoring and Radical Mitigation) testing pilot cases in Barcelona and Rotterdam (Germany,Spain).

Mr. David Bernfeld from Bruitparif and Mr. Christophe Mietlicki, who is the inventor of the “medusa” technology and the “Hydra” noise radar prototype.

Etiquetes: radar, vehicles, cameras, license plate, sanction

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